Saffron Walden's Choral Society since 1883
Patron: John Rutter | Music Director: Quintin Beer

What People Say

Praised often for our versatility and musicality, SWCS are always happy to hear from members of the audience, whether in Saffron Hall after a concert or on social media - sometimes not even before the end! The professional soloists who sing with us, equally, let us know how we do - why not read some of their comments below?

"The singing of the choir, under the inspired direction of Janet Wheeler was simply outstanding - a thrilling sound, vibrant and open throated, full of conviction throughout, together with a precision of rhythm and security of intonation, even in the most exposed unaccompanied passages, that would be the envy of many a professional ensemble. Bravi!"

Andrew Greenan
Bass/Baritone Soloist – Messa di Gloria/Stabat Mater

“Hearing your choir singing behind me, and feeling embraced by your marvellous sound, gave me the power to stand up and just sing "with" all of you. I was touched especially by the "Quando Corpus" a capella quartet, knowing how difficult it is to keep in tune.  The choir definitely did this really well.”

Milos Bulajic
Tenor Soloist – Messa di Gloria/Stabat Mater

“SWCS seem to achieve the perfect balance of singing for pleasure with a commitment to singing well and properly. Janet Wheeler’s technical work with the choir really brings the music and text to life, while allowing the choir to appreciate the music at a deeper level.”

Diana Moore
Mezzo-soprano Soloist – Stabat Mater

"Choir and orchestra were superb."

Laura Mitchell
Soprano Soloist – Stabat Mater

“Such a beautiful sound and boundless energy. It’s a truly marvellous work and it was a joy to create such effervescent music with you all.”

Ross Ramgobin
Baritone Soloist – A Sea Symphony
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