Saffron Walden's Choral Society since 1883
Patron: John Rutter | Music Director: Janet Wheeler
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What People Say

Praised often for our versatility and musicality, SWCS are always happy to hear from members of the audience, whether in Saffron Hall after a concert or on social media - sometimes not even before the end! The professional soloists who sing with us, equally, let us know how we do - why not read some of their comments below?

“SWCS seem to achieve the perfect balance of singing for pleasure with a commitment to singing well and properly. Janet Wheeler’s technical work with the choir really brings the music and text to life, while allowing the choir to appreciate the music at a deeper level.”

Diana Moore
Mezzo-soprano Soloist – Stabat Mater

"Choir and orchestra were superb."

Laura Mitchell
Soprano Soloist – Stabat Mater

“Such a beautiful sound and boundless energy. It’s a truly marvellous work and it was a joy to create such effervescent music with you all.”

Ross Ramgobin
Baritone Soloist – A Sea Symphony

“SWCS outdid themselves with their rousing and assured performance of 'A Sea Symphony'. Their rhythmic precision, sharp diction, and the control in the quiet sections were all very impressive.”

Gillian Keith
Soprano Soloist – A Sea Symphony

“The choir sang beautifully with warmth and inspiration, always with perfect intonation and a soprano section sounding sublime up to the highest notes.”

Inga-Britt Andersson
Soprano Soloist – A Night at the Opera
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