Saffron Walden's Choral Society since 1883
Patron: John Rutter | Music Director: Janet Wheeler

What People Say

Praised often for our versatility and musicality, SWCS are always happy to hear from members of the audience, whether in Saffron Hall after a concert or on social media - sometimes not even before the end! The professional soloists who sing with us, equally, let us know how we do - why not read some of their comments below?

“The choir had been well prepared and responded positively to Janet Wheeler’s clear direction. ....... the chorus sang with enthusiasm and energy which carried their sound well over the orchestra with all sections taking the limelight with confidence as required.”

Derek Harrison
Musical Director – Hertford Choral Society

"It was a great pleasure to sing with the Saffron Walden Choral Society under Janet Wheeler's impeccable direction. The choir's highly accomplished and energetic performance of Haydn's St. Cecilia Mass really brought to life a piece of music that is all-too-rarely performed. This, combined with the magnificent playing of the Chameleon Arts Orchestra and a fantastic rendition of Vivaldi's Magnificat in G minor made for a highly enjoyable evening of first-class music-making."

Rupert Reid
Bass Soloist – Vivaldi Magnificat – Haydn St Cecilia Mass

"It was a pleasure to join you in your performance of Haydn's St Cecilia Mass. You sing musically, communicatively and, best of all, proudly. I enjoyed listening to you very much."

Julian Forbes
Tenor Soloist – Vivaldi Magnificat – Haydn St Cecilia Mass

"SWCS are one of my favourite choirs to work with. Conductor Janet Wheeler insists on, and achieves, very high standards, and they are a lovely group of people as well."

Cathy Bell
Mezzo-Soprano Soloist – Vivaldi Magnificat – Haydn St Cecilia Mass

“I very much enjoyed singing with the choir. I couldn't think of a better way to brighten up such a cold miserable Saturday than to come and make great music with such a lovely, committed bunch of people. They kept the Haydn sparkling right 'til the very end - no mean feat with this tricky piece!”

Jeni Bern
Soprano Soloist – Vivaldi Magnificat – Haydn St Cecilia Mass
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