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Spirit of Christmas "Joy to the World" Competition - Answers

Category: SWCS

The answers to the places shown in "Joy to the World" in Episode 4 of our Spirit of Christmas program are provided below. You can award yourself a point for the right country and a bonus point for identifying the correct city. There are no prizes - it is only honour that is at stake!

The answers are in order:

  • Barcelona Spain
  • Lausanne Switzerland
  • Moscow Russia
  • Vienna Austria
  • Sydney Australia
  • St Peters, Vatican City Italy
  • Athens Greece
  • Delhi India
  • Seattle USA
  • Dubai Emitrate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Cardiff Wales
  • Warsaw Poland
  • Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Belfast Northern Ireland
  • Lapland (this on is a bit of red herring but we felt Rudolph needed to make an appearance)
  • Edinburgh Scotland
  • Paris France
  • Jerusalem Israel
  • Rio de Janiro, Brazil

There are no prizes, but we hope you had fun. We look forward to seeing you at one of our concerts when they can finally resume in 2021.

Wishing you all a very Happy and peaceful New Year!


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