Saffron Walden's Choral Society since 1883
Patron: John Rutter | Music Director: Janet Wheeler
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Support us

The cost of putting on quality concerts with professional orchestras and soloists is high and is rarely, if ever, covered by ticket sales receipts.

We are profoundly grateful for the generous support we have received over the years from Yellow Car, as we would be unable to continue performing the varied programmes of major choral works without this financial assistance.

There are now three ways you can help support the choir:

The role of an Ambassador is to promote the choir and its activities. If you are interested in actively encouraging people to become members or to attend concerts, and will initiate (or collaborate in) fund raising activities in traditional or unusual ways, then we would be delighted for you to become an Ambassador.

We always need help in funding our concerts and we greatly appreciate any financial donation. You can be a donor simply by making a contribution of any amount, adding Gift Aid if you are eligible to do so to boost it by 25%.

From this year, our Patrons will be given the opportunity to support the whole, or specific elements, of future concerts. A donation may be dedicated to a person, or with regard to a special celebration like an anniversary or a particular achievement. For example, the cost of the autumn concert next year is being covered, and dedicated to the memory of a former choir member.

All our supporters will be invited to an annual Supporters Reception and will be kept up to date with planned activities and future projects. And, of course, your donation will be recognised in our programmes and website, unless you choose otherwise.

For more details on becoming a SWCS Ambassador or Patron, or if you would like to give financial support to the choral society as a Donor, please contact Louise Luke or Kathie Neal at

Business Sponsorship

We are delighted to promote local businesses by taking paid advertising in our concert programmes and we are very grateful for the financial support that provides.

If you would like more information about advertising or direct sponsorship of a particular concert, our Business Manager will be happy to hear from you. Contact: for further information.